Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Wolverine trailer introduces the character

Firaxis Games has released a new one trailer from Marvel’s Midnight Suns to introduce the character of Wolverine. This is a pretty good movie, designed more to show how the super hero in game was reproduced than to explain the gameplay implications.
In fact the video is a montage of particularly spectacular Wolverine animations, without much gameplay being shown. At the same time, however, a guide dedicated to the character on the official site of the gamein which for now we can only read the story:
Logan’s mutant abilities are heightened senses and the incredible healing factor that allows him to quickly heal from devastating wounds.

At Foxy’s, Everyone’s a King: Local Live Streamer hosts Goth-Themed Gaming Night at Eclipse

Local ghost tour guide and gaming live streamer Mica Webb is planning an epic night of gaming to be held on Aug. 16 from 6-9 p.m. at Eclipse bar on Congress St.  The event is called ‘Foxy’s Gamer Lounge,’ and Webb expects it to be ‘the best night of gaming Savannah has ever seen.’ While open to gamers from all walks of life, the event will cater to alternative crowds, particularly goths and the queer community. Webb is planning an inclusive atmosphere where gamers can come together and enjoy good music, tasty food, themed-drinks and, of course, great games.

15 BEST PS5 Exclusive Games (2022)

Finally, got your hands on the elusive PS5 and want to know which games you should try out first? We have 15 PS5 exclusive games, so you don’t have to spend time selecting when you can spend time playing.
Picking 15 PS5 exclusive games and ranking them is a bit of a task. As most of the games belong to different genres, ranking them in numerical order would be practically impossible.
Many PlayStation games make their way to PC and are available on PS4. We will be including those on the 15 best PS5 exclusive games list as well.

Overwatch 2 won’t have another public beta

Overwatch 2 will not hold any more public betas before its full release in two months.

Blizzard exec Jon Spector tweeted the news last night, in response to questions from fans on whether another test period would take place.

‘While we will continue testing OW2 daily internally, we’re not planning any additional public beta tests,’ Spector wrote. ‘With all the valuable feedback we received from our alpha and two public beta tests, we will be focusing our efforts on launching the best game possible on 4th Oct.

‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Releases New Keyboard: New Computer Peripheral Ironically Slows Users Down

Urian B., Tech Times 04 August 2022, 01:08 am A new “Sonic the Hedgehog” keyboard has been released, and while the game is about obtaining the fastest speeds possible, it seems like the keyboard actually slows users down. Higround Releases a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Themed Keyboard According to the story by Gizmodo, the “Sonic the Hedgehog” video games are usually about being able to go at the highest speeds possible. A company called Higround has just released a Sonic-themed keyboard that can be hard to use for people that haven’t memorized where the keys are placed.

S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 85

PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 85 – Sales


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This weekly series compares the aligned launch sales of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

It should be noted the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S had a worldwide launch, while the PlayStation 5 launch was split over the course of two weeks. Also, the Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017, while the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S launched during the holidays in November 2020.

Is Grand Theft Auto Online cross platform/crossplay? Answered

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode is easily one of the biggest and most popular video games from the 2010s. This is a game that has no end in sight, getting countless updates over the years with a dedicated community in tow. However, what about if you wanted to play with someone on another console? Is there crossplay for Grand Theft Auto Online? Related: How to change the name of your organization in Grand Theft Auto Online Does Grand Theft Auto Online have crossplay? Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto Online does not have cross-platform play available for any of its versions.

Best Games that Every Computer Player Should Have

This list is about the Best Games that Every Computer Player Should Have. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Games that Every Computer Player Should Have. I hope you like this list Best Games that Every Computer Player Should Have. So lets begin:Quick list of Best Games that Every Computer Player Should Have Games are almost always more fun when you’re with your friends, even more so if the game you’re playing together offers an online cooperative or competitive mode to play with your friends.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2 Game Catalog Further Revealed

Sega has announced 11 more games coming to the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2. The newest list of games join 11 more that were announced earlier this month when the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2 was originally unveiled. As is tradition, the list of games has been divided into cartridge games and Sega/Mega CD games. Sega has released a trailer giving a look at these newly-announced games. Check it out below. Alongside the games, Sega has also announced that it will be releasing the Cyber Stick controller for the mini console on the same day as the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini 2.

New Starfield Video Showcases Game’s Music And Sound Design

The latest episode of Bethesda’s developer diary series Into The Starfield has dropped on YouTube and this time, the devs are exploring music and audio. Titled ‘The Sound Of Adventure’, the video, which was released earlier today by Bethesda, is almost seven minutes long and features a deep dive into the upcoming space exploration game’s score and audio design. Featured in the new clip are Bethesda Game Studios Audio Director Mark Lampert and Starfield Composer Inon Zur. The two discuss at length the motivations behind their use of music and audio design in the much-anticipated sci-fi RPG, with composer Zur describing the game’s music as being ‘the fourth dimension, the emotional dimension’.